Labor of Love Adult Care (LOLAC) accepts referrals from marketing sources, physicians, hospitals, senior day programs and welcomes non-professional and family referrals as well. We strive to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Our foremost goal in the admissions process is to assure that LOLAC is a mutually good fit for the prospective resident, their loved ones and the existing LOLAC family.

Admission Process

1. Assessment Interview

The purpose of the assessment interview is to determine if the following basic criteria for LOLAC’s admission is met:

2. Complete Application & Required Documents

A completed application and the following required documents are required prior to receiving residential, and respite services:

3. Intake Process

After the move-in date is scheduled, a meeting is held to gather all the necessary documents required for the new resident’s file and address any special dietary considerations, allergies, etc. and hold an orientation for the new resident and their family.

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